Small Mixed Fruit & Veg Box

$55.00 available on subscription

About the box

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, locally sourced, hand picked for your nourishment.

Contains a balance of:

  • 50% Certified Organically grown produce.
  • 50% Premium Quality Farm fresh produce.
  • Popular Staples included weekly.

This box of delicious goodness feeds a true produce lover.

This weeks box includes

Organic Carrots 350gWombatCertified Organic ACO
Certified Organic Zucchini 350gBlack GoldCertified Organic ACO
BroccoliSydney MarketsClean 15
Truss Tomatoes 300gSydney Markets (C)
Organic Dutch Cream Potatoes 500gHillbrickCertified Organic NASSAA
Organic Jazz Apple x 2MontagueCertified Organic ACO
Imperial Mandarin x 3Sydney Markets (C)
Organic Brown Onion x 3EldridgeCertified Organic ACO
BroccoliniSydney Markets (C)
Cos LettuceSydney MarketsClean 15
Sweet Corn x 2Sydney MarketsClean 15
Cauliflower HalfSydney Markets (C)
EggplantSydney MarketsClean 15
Organic Banana x 2Banana ManCertified Organic ACO
Organic Jazz Apple x 3MontagueCertified Organic ACO

What our
Customers say

I am always amazed at how fresh, long-lasting and tasty everything in my weekly box is. Perfect size for our family of 3. I often find that a box can last 2 weeks, and still stay fresh if kept in the fridge.
Love the fresh produce and how easy it is to arrive home to a fresh box of veg every week!

Community Organics has been great as far as consistent delivery and customer service. But as a consistent customer who is not an influencer it’s not great seeing an influencer getting their box on a Monday with sometimes double the produce of a family box and getting your family box on a Wednesday with not the abundance of what u see online.
Think about the honesty and integrity. Besides that love what you do and still happy to support