Large Fruit Box

$70.00 available on subscription

About the box

Seasonal Fruit Box

Locally sourced, hand picked for your nourishment.

Contains a balance of:

  • 50% Certified Organically grown produce.
  • 50% Premium Quality Farm fresh produce.
  • Popular Staples included weekly.
  • Bountiful variety of fresh fruits.

This box of delicious goodness suits 3 to 4 produce lovers.

This weeks box includes

Imperial Mandarin x 5Sydney Markets (C)
Organic Ruby Grapefruit x 2Papa OrganicsCertified Organic ACO
Kiwi Fruit x 5Sydney MarketsClean 15
Organic Fuji Apple x 4Forest OrchardCertified Organic OFC
Organic Navel Orange x 4Mt GayndahCertified Organic ACO
PineappleSydney MarketsClean 15
Packham Pear x 4Sydney Markets (C)
Organic Banana 1.2kgAbbott (Rabbits)Certified Organic Aus-Qual
RockmelonSydney MarketsClean 15
Persimmon x 3Sydney Markets (C)

What our
Customers say

I am always amazed at how fresh, long-lasting and tasty everything in my weekly box is. Perfect size for our family of 3. I often find that a box can last 2 weeks, and still stay fresh if kept in the fridge.
Love the fresh produce and how easy it is to arrive home to a fresh box of veg every week!

Community Organics has been great as far as consistent delivery and customer service. But as a consistent customer who is not an influencer it’s not great seeing an influencer getting their box on a Monday with sometimes double the produce of a family box and getting your family box on a Wednesday with not the abundance of what u see online.
Think about the honesty and integrity. Besides that love what you do and still happy to support