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Delivery Days : Monday-Wednesday

Delivery Days : Monday-Wednesday

About Us

Welcome to Community Organics, and thanks for taking the time to check us out!

Community Organics has been delivering high quality organic food to the Eastern Suburbs for over 10 years. In that time we’ve built up a level of trust with our Community, who know we deliver the cleanest, freshest and most delicious food we can possibly find.

Our Philosophy

We want to make life healthy and easy for our Community. It can be tough to find the time to make it to the shops, and it’s harder still to find good quality Organic food that is responsibly sourced and produced. We are a small, local business and we want to be the ones you can trust to bring you great tasting food every time, and want to make it easy to eat Certified Organic whenever possible.

Our Produce

When sourcing your produce, we’re on the lookout for two things – flavour and quality. To pass the test, every single fruit & vegetable has to look great, taste great and be super fresh.

When sourcing your fresh produce, our first preference is to always use Certified Organic fruit & veg. However, over the years we’ve found that the quality and flavour of some Certified Organic produce is not up to scratch, and as such we incorporate uncertified chemical free produce from trusted growers, as well as using the “Clean 15” as a guide to selecting produce grown using conventional methods. In this way, we select our produce the same way we feel most members of our Community do - Certified Organic when the quality and price make sense, and the next best thing when it doesn’t.

Certified Organic


Clean 15


Our Other Goodies

Whilst this compromise can be necessary when it comes to fresh fruit & veg, this is not the case when it comes to other foods you’ll find in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking at our dairy products, our meat, bread or anything else, we’ve found suppliers who are not only Certified Organic but are also famous for their quality. After many years in the industry, we’ve become close with local institutions who help promote the idea of healthy, sustainable living. We work with these suppliers to provide top quality, healthy food to our community.


We want to make life just a little bit easier for our Community. It can be hard enough finding the time to get to the shops, and harder still to get to somewhere that will sell you good quality local organic food that is responsibly sourced and produced. We want to be the ones you can trust to bring you great tasting food every time, without the hassle of dealing with those bigger companies. 



Lock In


Easy to Order

Save Time

Save Time

We keep it easy for you to order and get your seasonal organic and fresh produce to you. You can order your fruit and veg and add on Certified Organic milk, eggs, Iggy's bread and meat. 
We do the sourcing and delivering for you so you don't have to waste time finding produce or getting to the shops. 
You can order weekly, bi weekly, monthly whatever works for you. Or you can let us know you want to order ongoing so you know your box will arrive weekly.  Either way, there is no lock in contracts and if you need to skip a week, just let us know.


Easy to

No Lock In

Customise Your Box

When we’re preparing your box, we build from a seasonal base of fruit & vegetables. In order to make sure you enjoy everything we delivery, you can customise your box as much as you like. All you need to do is supply us with a list of your likes & dislikes, and we’ll work you to ensure everything we bring is eaten. If you don’t like spuds, but love sweet spuds - easy! Not a fan of bananas, but love your fresh berries? Just let us know.


Reducing Food Waste

Customise your Box